Shanonn Thompson found her love for writing at an early age, beginning with drawing pictures and having her beloved grandfather write the stories behind the pictures as she dictated them. She could be found, late into the night, reading by flashlight under the covers in her younger years. In high school, she discovered her style in Creative Writing classes, penning poems and later an entire high school drama series called “Anonymously Signed”. It was so intriguing to other students that the hand written, loose-leaf paged book was passed around the campus. In her junior year, she applied for a scholarship at the Poynter Institute, and was immediately rejected. Although disappointing, she continued writing for herself for the next 10 years, until she discovered the author Marianne Williamson. From that moment on, she realized she had a story to tell.

I Know This Much is True is as much an autobiography as it is self-help, chronicling Shanonn’s tumultuous childhood years, melodramatic twenties, and losing herself in a one-sided marriage for the next two decades. Stepping out into her own voice, Shanonn discovers that within her, not outside, is where the true power lies.

Shanonn’s compassion for others and the world around her, often to her own detriment, led her to practice mindfulness, even amidst the storms of life. She is a deep-thinker, an ally and fighter for the underdog, and her own unique outlook on life inspires others to claim their own authenticity and live that way more consistently. She hosts a podcast, The Suburban Misfit, facilitates Meet Up groups and women’s book clubs.

Shanonn is the mother to three amazing children, a daughter, a sister, and one hell of a friend. She loves puppies, throwing compliments to random strangers, trolling fundamental Christians on Instagram, and swimming as far out into the ocean as possible. She plans to die fighting a shark.

Currently, Shanonn lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, where you can find her playing tourist in the city in which she grew up.


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